We all know that Singapore is famous for being one of the cleanest countries in the world today. Although it’s already obvious that a clean environment looks better, there’s actually more to it than that. When it comes to our own well-being cleanliness also has a lot of benefits. Here are only a few of them!

1. Keeps us healthy

Having good hygiene and keep a clean environment is one of the best ways to avoid getting diseases. Many of our everyday things like keys, wallets, and phones are actually home to possibly millions of germs and bacteria. If we become careless and neglect these, we may easily get sick from them. Handwashing is one small example of keeping clean to avoid diseases. It’s a very simple thing to do yet it can do wonders when it comes to protecting you from diseases. Generally, if you keep your overall environment clean, you won’t easily get exposed to harmful bacteria.

2. Cleanliness c can actually boost productivity

The idea here is simple, if your desk is clean, you’ll be able to focus a lot better! Having clutter around you actually has psychological effects. If your desk is unorganized, your brain has to process a lot more information than necessary and it will be difficult for you to stay focused. In addition to that, if you have to clean up your workplace, you’ll use up a lot of valuable time that you would otherwise have spent on more productive things. 

3. Cleaning can be a great stress-reliever

Sometimes decluttering your stuff can be quite therapeutic. Once you get rid of the unnecessary stuff in your room, for example, you’ll notice that you have a lot more space it will be like a breath of fresh air. If you do this at a time when you’re not busy or before you work on a lot of things, you’ll thank yourself later. Why do we say this? It’s because no one wants to go home to a messy place. If you already have your place organized you won’t have to worry about cleaning up after a whole day at work. How many times have you come home from a tiring day at work only to start cleaning again? 

4. Promotes better sleep

In relation to what was said earlier, if you come home from work and still have a lot to clean up, you might end up sleeping late. Sure, you could say that you can just disregard the mess and clean everything up on the next day but it’s still the same case, you’ll have to clean it up anyways. Plus, you’ll simply fall asleep a lot easier if you don’t have clutter around you.