Sports in Singapore has been shaped by many of its athletes through the years. Some have reached greater heights, like Joseph Schooling and many others. But more than earning glory of winning medals, playing sports is important to our life in many ways.

Physical benefits

Clearly, one of the biggest reasons why playing sports is important is because they promote physical fitness. Different sports also influence different physical aspects of the body. Swimming, for example, is a full-body workout that can target muscles in all our limbs while also helping us improve our lung and heart endurance. It can be very different from a strength sport like weightlifting when it comes to physical benefits.

It teaches teamwork

Being able to work effectively in a team is an essential quality in the world of employment, and in life in general. Playing a team sport teaches a person to work with others and share a path together towards the goal of winning as a group. Being in a team allows a person to recognize the different strengths and weaknesses of each person so that they can work in ways that can complement each other. This can translate to work life and the athlete should be able to complement other’s skills and also cover for their weaknesses at the proper times.

Helps us see the value of defeat

We are always faced with many challenges in life and there are many times when we fail. Even if this is the case, we need to recognize that failure is part of life and actually a big contributor to success. When we face defeat, we can become better because we get to learn more about ourselves, what went wrong, etc. Playing a sport enables us to live through and accept defeat, not as an unsurmountable wall, but as a stepping stone to success.

Teaches dedication

An athlete who works hard in his/her sport will have already developed the quality of being dedicated. Playing a sport disciplines us to commit to a certain task, purpose, or goal. To achieve greater heights, an athlete must sacrifice and dedicate time because dedication and commitment is where hard work starts. Understanding dedication makes us better person in many aspects. Work ethic, relationships, finance, and a lot more.

Helps build confidence

When we get words of encouragement, praises from our coaches, compliments from our teammates, and cheers from the audience, we become more confident about ourselves. We learn to be more confident about our abilities and skills. And even when we fail, we find that there will be people to pick us up from the ground and cheer us on. This means that we don’t become confident on our own, but because we know we have others to fall on at trying times.